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There’s always been a DIY element to the work of Tenacious D, whether it’s been their relentlessly rocking, vaguely ironic music, their various TV appearances, or even their feature-length movie. (For better or for worse.) Now, KG and JB have taken that ramshackle aesthetic to its “We’re kind of trying!” extreme, debuting a new online cartoon series, Post-Apocalypto, in order to promote their upcoming album of the same name.

So far, only the first episode, titled “Hope,” is out, and it’s…kind of exactly what you would expect, were someone to tell you that the Tenacious D guys (and specifically Jack Black) were hand-drawing and voicing their own cartoon. I.e., it’s crude—in multiple senses of the word—kind of funny, and the songs are pretty good. This first episode sets the premise, as the boys find the world getting H-bombed all to hell, freeing them from the constraints of rent, but forcing them to quest around as part of some sort of unexplained mission, fighting off vaguely dick-shaped monsters and hanging out with their two-headed mutant dog.


On a more artistically invigorating note, the episode also features two songs from Post-Apocalypto, which comes out November 2, and features production from John Spiker and drums from their old pal Dave Grohl. (Both tracks, “Post-Apocalypto Theme” and “Hope” are currently available on digital platforms.) Meanwhile, new episodes of the cartoon come out on Fridays, for the next five weeks.

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