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Illustration for article titled Ten people have already been arrested at the Gathering Of The Juggalos, and it hasnt even started yet

The Gathering Of The Juggalos doesn’t even start until tomorrow, yet 10 people have already been arrested on or near the festival grounds in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois. The Hardin Country Sherriff told The Village Voice that people have started arriving for the fest days early, jamming up traffic in the town, and making themselves sitting ducks for police interest. So naturally the Illinois State Police started patrolling the area, making about “10 or 15 [arrests] in four or five hours,” including six drug charges and one for unpaid child support. Fortunately, no weapons (not even sweet ninja swords) have been found yet. All the people arrested have been bonded out—save the alleged deadbeat dad, who may be extradited to another state to face charges.


These festivities should really pick up when the Gathering actually begins. The A.V. Club’s resident Juggalo chronicler Nathan Rabin will be in attendance to catch all the Faygo-drenched action, while his recap of the weekend’s events/arrests will be on the site early next week.

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