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Telltale Games has already applied its patently successful—if a bit touchy—modernized adventure game style to The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, Fables, and (soon) Minecraft. For one of its next projects, it’ll be following in the footsteps of literally everything else in the world right now by teaming up with Marvel for a series of Marvel-licensed games about something Marvel-related. We don’t know what those Marvel-related things will be—our guess is superheroes—but the first of whatever it is will be released in 2017.


That comes from Polygon, which also quotes Marvel Games creative director Bill Roseman as saying that the stuff Telltale makes will feel “exquisite” and “sexy” and that it will “be celebrated by Marvel fans.” Also, the games will be “eye-popping” and “feel well-built and hand-crafted.” That’s right, unlike those video games that are mass-produced in a factory, these Telltale Marvel games will be carved right out of raw blocks of pure video game. Then they’ll chisel away until they’re left with something exquisite and sexy that is celebrated by Marvel fans, because that’s apparently how video games are made.

So which Marvel characters would make for the best Telltale game? We’re gonna go with “it doesn’t matter, because Marvel will probably force Telltale to cram in as many as it possibly can.” Also, Lockjaw.

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