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Telltale is developing a Stranger Things video game

Photo: Stranger Things (Netflix)

E3 is winding down, meaning the big announcements like the new Halo and the new Smash Bros. have already been made, leaving only the announcements that are—to be fair—not as exciting as a new Smash Bros. or a new Halo. One such announcement comes from Telltale Games, the studio behind a lot of well-regarded adventure games like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and the appropriately named Batman: The Telltale Series. On Twitter, the developers have announced that they’ve made a deal with Netflix to create an “interactive adventure” based on their Minecraft spin-off, Minecraft: Story Mode, and a proper Telltale game based on Stranger Things.


We don’t have any specifics, but Telltale games tend to follow a fairly standard house style. You probably know what to expect if you’ve played their other games, but it’ll all be new if you haven’t. There will be some clicking, some puzzle solving, and maybe an occasional action sequence where you have to hit buttons really fast or with quick timing.

The more interesting part of these tweets is that Telltale might now have a chance to make games based on other Netflix shows. They’d all work, more or less, but we’d like to see the kind of bizarre nonsense that an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt game would be.

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