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Telltale is also making an episodic Minecraft game

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Telltale Games, the studio behind the hit Walking Dead game adaptations, is partnering with Mojang to make a new episodic series based on Minecraft, the developer announced today. Despite what its misleading title might have you believe, Minecraft: Story Mode is not some Telltale-developed singleplayer journey being shoehorned into the tremendously popular world-building game. Story Mode is a separate game starring original characters in the Minecraft universe, which is mostly a universe of procedurally generated and player-built copyright-infringing landscapes.


Minecraft’s signature blocky aesthetic sounds like it will remain intact, as Mojang said Telltale has access to the game’s original assets. “This thing won’t look exactly like Minecraft, but it will feel authentic in its own special way,” Mojang wrote in its announcement. Mojang’s reveal also mentions that, although Telltale is handling the bulk of the writing duties, it and a select few Minecraft community members will be providing input.

Telltale promises Minecraft: Story Mode will premiere sometime in 2015. This makes next year an extra-busy one for the studio, as it continues to churn out its new Game Of Thrones and Tales From The Borderlands series. A third season of The Walking Dead is also expected to premiere in 2015. Despite Microsoft’s recent purchase of Mojang and Minecraft, Telltale says Story Mode will be making its way to PlayStation consoles, iOS, Android, and Macs alongside PC and Xbox systems.

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