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Tell your mom, The Mentalist may move to a new network

The Mentalist—that show your mom likes—may be leaving CBS. The network will announce its fall lineup next month and it’s not yet clear if The Mentalist will be on it. According to Entertainment Weekly, Warner Bros. is currently shopping a seventh season to other networks just in case. After being relocated to Sunday nights, The Mentalist’s ratings dropped 9 percent from last year, and while it’s still averaging decent numbers (2.1 among adults 18-49, including DVR playback), long-running shows also include costly talent deals.

TNT is already airing the show in syndication, so it could be a natural home for new episodes as well. (In which case TNT could change its slogan to “We know drama, as well as Law And Order marathons and sometimes new Mentalist episodes.”) The show just went through a bit of a creative renewal after its central psych-detective bested a longtime foe, and the show jumped two years into the future while relocating from Sacramento, California to Austin, Texas. Creator Bruno Heller claims the upcoming season finale could serve as either a series finale or a precursor to a new season, depending on which way things go. It’s now up to moms everywhere to get #17SeasonsAnd3Movies trending.


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