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This November, streaming video will once more justify its existence by serving up a nourishing bounty of Mystery Science Theater 3000 reruns on Thanksgiving Day. (That’s American Thanksgiving—sorry, Rowsdower.) Entering the third year of its Shout! Factory-enabled resurrection, the MST3K Turkey Day marathon is on for 2015, according to this Facebook post by the show’s creator, Joel Hodgson. In that same post, Hodgson solicits requests for the marathon’s lineup, politely asking (as is his Wisconsin-bred wont) fans to avoid picking episodes streamed on Turkey Days past, namely:


Space Mutiny, I Accuse My Parents, Werewolf, Final Sacrifice, Cave Dwellers, and Mitchell


Magic Voyage of Sinbad, Giant Spider Invasion, Lost Continent, Laserblast, Pod People, and Pumaman


Minus the episodes produced during the show’s UHF days, that leaves more than 150 MST3Ks in contention for Turkey Day glory, which The A.V. Club narrowed down to this humble casserole of six worthy selections to present in the comments of Hodgson’s Facebook post. (Or, you know, you could just suggest five courses of Gamera soup and a dessert of Time Of The Apes.) What do you think, sirs?

Episode 309: The Amazing Colossal Man

What kind of sin could a man commit in a single lifetime to be left out upon Turkey Day? (Licensing issues, probably.)

Episode 506: Eegah

Watch out for snakes—and the pervy subtext between Arch Hall Sr. and the actress playing his daughter.


Episode 517: Beginning Of The End

Yes, two Bert I. Gordon picks is overkill, but Mr. BIG is also the best MST’ed director for introducing your curious loved ones to the show. By hour four, they’ll probably be looking for you, anyway.


Episode 813: Jack Frost

Santa Claus pulled up in front of Macy’s hours ago, so it’s probably time for a visit from his Soviet-era doppelgänger, the jabbering winter sprite with the killer scepter who gives Jack Frost its name.


Episode 814: Riding With Death

And now, The A.V. Club’s annual Turkey Day plea on behalf of Turkey Volume Guessing Man.


Episode 907: Hobgoblins

Hob-goblins / Hob-goblins / What do you do with those Hobgoblins? (Nominate them for Turkey Day 2015, that’s what.)


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