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Television returns, film buries its dead, and more this week on The A.V. Club

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What are we arguing about this week
We all had some thoughts on this year’s Oscar nominees. Our announcement and analysis of the nominees has so far drawn 1,500 comments, leading us to believe that our readers agree that the Academy was a bit off-base this year. We responded with our own picks for various categories, but it turns out we’re not all in agreement on that either.

This weekend
Talk with us: We’ll be liveblogging the 70th Golden Globes Awards, featuring lovely hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. You can join us right here to participate in the revelry and contribute your thoughts.
See: It’s never too late to return to our list of the best films of 2012, especially when this week brings a crop of C and D movies. Since you may be wondering, Gangster Squad ranked the lowest of the bunch, with Nathan Rabin calling it “an unusually violent fashion show.” That said, we didn’t much care for Quartet or A Haunted House either.
Read: Devote the time you don’t spend at the theaters to reading, specifically A Memory Of Light, the posthumous end to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. While Brian Sanderson may not have done quite as well as Jordan would have had he lived, it’s still a solid book. If that doesn’t appeal, go for something completely different with Ian D. Svenonius’ Supernatural Strategies For Making A Rock ’N’ Roll Group.
Listen to: British pop group Broadcast released its first album since its singer’s death, and it’s appropriately spooky. For slightly more straightforward tunes, check out Dropkick Murphys latest record.
Watch: TV still has very little going on right now—see Stars In Danger: The High Dive. But what it does have is two long-awaited returns. Justified returned to FX with a great episode featuring Patton Oswalt and drugs that fall from the sky. And, in news that’s slightly more likely to be overlooked, Cougar Town made it’s move to TBS. While it does have a new showrunner, the wine is still flowing freely and the first episode is still solid.


The A.V. Club helps you
It’s not too late to submit your relationship questions to our newest Valentine’s Day advice columnists, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally. Let’s not pretend they can’t help you.

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