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Televangelist goblin and Trump supporter Kenneth Copeland can't stop laughing at Joe Biden's win

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When we last checked in on Kenneth Copeland, a haunted mannequin turned televangelist who travels the globe on a private jet to avoid sitting “in a long tube with a bunch of demons,” he was using the power of God to blow away COVID-19 and preaching, Christlike, that even his laid-off supporters need to keep the tithes coming in. Now, this modern day apostle has held forth on the results of the presidential election by presenting his congregation with a calm, well-reasoned argument for why the media is wrong to call the race for Joe Biden.

“The media said what?” Copeland asks just before some string on his back is released and he begins laughing. “The media said, ‘Joe Biden is president,” he adds. “Ha! Ha! Ha ha ha!”


Copeland laughs for almost a full minute, secure in the knowledge that there’s no coming back from the solid rhetorical point he just scored. Worse than the malfunctioning wind-up toy braying on stage is his group of followers. The clip shows Copeland’s congregation standing and applauding, laughing along with the same eerie enthusiasm as their leader. They, at least, are convinced.

Maybe we’re wrong to find this kind of behavior worryingly deranged. Maybe Copeland knows something we don’t—like that all mail-in ballots are about to be raptured or that the Second Coming is scheduled a few weeks before Biden’s inauguration. Let’s not count Copeland out just yet. After all, he did eliminate the coronavirus pandemic with the “wind of God” back in April, right? Right?


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