(Screengrab: YouTube)

The latest Tegan and Sara video for their song “BWU” answers the question, who wouldn’t accept a proposal of any kind from Sara Quin? It turns out there are a lot of jerks out there who don’t want to spend the rest of their lives with her just because she doesn’t “need a white wedding.” Don’t worry, though, there’s a happy ending thanks to Mr. Robot’s Frankie Shaw.

The video is directed Clea DuVall, and aside from being charming, it’s also has a point. In a statement released to Entertainment Weekly, Quin discussed the message behind the song.

The activist in me fought passionately for marriage equality because of what it signified socially, and for the countless legal benefits and protections that had been withheld from so many devoted same sex couples in history. I was happy when the Supreme Court ruling legalized same sex marriage in the USA, but I was also relieved that I could finally ”come out“ as a person who actively dislikes the institution. Specifically the assumption that by not participating in the ritual you are a deviant or unlikely to share the same common values as someone who does.


DuVall—whose feature directorial debut, The Intervention, comes out in August—told EW that she “liked the idea of having no one really understand how lonely it can be when you have different ideas about what you want your life to be.” DuVall also directed the band’s “Boyfriend.” According to EW, the sisters have a video-per-song strategy for their most recent release, Love You To Death, an album The A.V. Club deemed “very good, but…also a little predictable.” The same could be said stylistically about the video, but the meaning behind it defies that.