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Tegan And Sara have released a Pride mixtape on Pandora

(Photo: Pamela Littky)

June is Pride Month, and Tegan And Sara have put together a Pride mixtape available exclusively on Pandora to celebrate. The playlist streams with or without a Pandora account, so everyone can enjoy the collection of “anthems that inspire acceptance, freedom, self expression and love.” In an accompanying press release, Tegan states:

We get asked a lot what kind of advice we would offer to young people who are coming out, or just to anyone about self-love, and the truth is that the best advice I was ever given about pride and self-love was from my mom when I was very young which was just to be cool. Be you. I think that Sara and I have really just done that. So I offer that advice to all of you. Just be yourself. You’re cool.


In addition to Tegan And Sara originals from the brand new album Love You To Death, the playlist also features a wide range of artists, including Sinéad O’Connor, The Cure, Adele, Young Empires, Madonna, Absofacto, Ariana Grande, Leon Vynehall, Ladytron, The Magnetic Fields, and many more. The whole playlist is available on Pandora.

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