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Teen superhero fave Ms. Marvel is getting her own live-action Disney+ show

Image: Marvel Comics

While much of our collective superhero focus over the last week or so has been on the fight raging between Disney and Sony over everyone’s favorite neighborhood tetherball, Spider-Man, the folks behind Disney+ are continuing to do their damnedest to lure us all in to their slightly more down-scale take on Marvel costumed action. They’re doing an irritatingly good job of it, too, with news coming today that Ms. Marvel—one of the best new characters to come out of Marvel Comics in the last decade—is getting her own live-action show on the soon-to-launch streaming network.

For the unfamiliar, Ms. Marvel—real name Kamala Khan—is the latest in a long line of great Marvel teen characters, a Muslim-American superhero nerd who finds herself imbued, not just with feisty New Jersey pride, but the ability to stretch and alter her body’s shape and density. (She’s also an Inhuman, although there’s no reason to hold that against her.) Created by Sana Amanat, Stephen Wacker, G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, and Jamie McKelvie, Kamala has been a breath of fresh air in an often grim ‘n’ gritty superhero landscape, an idealistic force for at-times inexperienced good, who’s forced to balance her love of her family (and their frequently high expectations of her) with her desire to dispense fist-slamming justice. (She also has one of those powersets that lends itself to great, cartoon-y art, something that’s been shown off in a number of animated films, including the Marvel Rising brand.)


Details about the Ms. Marvel show—she’s an unabashed Captain Marvel fangirl, by the way, hence the name—are sparse right now, but THR reports that comedian and Four Weddings And A Funeral writer Bisha K. Ali has been tapped to serve as its showrunner.

Disney+ launches later this year, on November 19.

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