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Teen angst meets android angst in the new trailer for Alita: Battle Angel

The first trailer for Alita: Battle Angel, Robert Rodriguez’s adaptation of the classic manga of the same name, was dominated by the off-putting eyes of Alita herself. In an attempt to mimic the style of the manga, Rosa Salazar’s eponymous battle angel was given big anime eyes, which wouldn’t have been nearly as distracting if the other characters didn’t have regular (non-CG) human eyes. Alita still has big eyes in this trailer, but either they’ve toned them down or the initial shock has worn off because they don’t seem quite as odd this time. In fact, it’s even possible to watch this trailer without just staring at her eyes and wondering why anyone involved thought they were a good idea, which was an important hurdle for Alita to cross.


Anyway, this trailer has robots fighting and Alita pushing back against her caretaker Christoph Waltz, who really should know better than to try and forbid a badass robot from being a badass robot. The movie will be in theaters on December 21.

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