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Teddy's got a confession to make in this Bob's Burgers exclusive clip

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Screenshot: Bob’s Burgers

The premiere and release schedule might be all over the place at the moment, but we can still count on the charming comfort food that is Bob’s Burgers. In the show’s 10th season, Louise continues to scheme, Bob continues to dream, and Teddy—well, actually, the Belchers’ most loyal patron might be poised for a real shift. In the upcoming “The Handyman Can,” which airs Sunday, April 26 on Fox, Teddy loses his nerve and maybe his career. Okay, so it’s highly unlikely that whatever crisis he’s about to have will have such a lasting effect, but in this exclusive clip, Teddy is feeling awfully pessimistic about his future as everyone’s favorite, moderately competent handyman.

After accidentally burning down a gazebo, Teddy visits the Belchers for a burger and a chance to regroup. He’s so shaken that he’s not even sure he can help Bob with the wonky light in the walk-in freezer. Teddy’s doubts spread to Bob, who considers paying a non-Teddy contractor two-and-a-half times the Teddy rate for some electrical work. When the kids realize that some electrician is going to get the money that’s already been earmarked for their trip to a trampoline park, they immediately set about helping Teddy regain his confidence. Find out whether “The Handyman Can” get back on his feet this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.


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