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Photo: Paul Drinkwater (NBC)

One of the more terrifying things about the already-pretty-scary cosmology of NBC’s The Good Place is how incredibly hard it is to get in there after you die. (Honestly, who hasn’t occasionally given in to the natural urge to poison a river or use “Facebook” as a verb?) Even so, it sounds like at least a couple members of the show’s cast think they’d make the show’s rigorously stringent cut for eternal shrimp and joy.

The question of everyone’s respective afterlives came up as part of the series’ panel at Comic-Con today, moderated by co-star (and constant delight) Marc Evan Jackson. Instead of going down the line (and thus introducing all sorts of weird post-life peer pressure to the proceedings), the show’s cast were instead asked to simultaneously reveal their expected fates with a thumbs up (Good Place) or thumbs down (Bad Place) gesture. The results were weirdly predictable:


We don’t mean that in a morally judgmental sense, either; it’s just that, if you’d asked us yesterday which two members of the Good Place cast would happily look at each other and confirm that they genuinely think they’re good people, “Ted Danson and Kristen Bell” would have felt like a pretty safe guess. Meanwhile, Jameela Jamil seems absolutely delighted to consign herself to a place where the Janets love to fart and all the bears have two mouths, along with Manny Jacinto, D’Arcy Carden, William Jackson Harper, and all the other non-Danson and Bell goody-two-shoes on the panel.

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