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Ted Danson will replace Laurence Fishburne on CSI

CBS has chosen Ted Danson as the man to inherit Laurence Fishburne’s crime lab on CSI, and all the attendant mangled bodies with their case-breaking traces of blood, semen, and rare chemical compounds that come with it. According to a press release, Danson will play the new supervisor of the graveyard shift, joining the investigation team as they are “still grappling with the professional and personal fallout from last season's take-down of serial killer, Nate Haskell.” Presumably the sort of breezy, charming self-confidence that Danson embodied on shows like Cheers and Bored To Death (which Danson will continue to co-star in) will aid them in their getting over all of that, rather than the sort of oily, evil self-confidence that Danson displayed on Damages. Or maybe his tenure will play out like one long, exceedingly gruesome season of Becker?


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