As Arrested Development crawls its way back to life and Peter Berg continues to make serious inroads toward a Friday Night Lights movie, we are increasingly threatened with a void of canceled, low-rated cult series to which we can pin quixotic hopes for a revival, unless you're still holding out for more Veronica Mars or Firefly. But here's a new implausible dream to dream, and occasionally ask its principals about over the coming months: Vulture picks up on a report from yesterday's Monte Carlo Television Festival, where Ted Danson said he believes there's a pretty good chance that HBO will make a 90-minute Bored To Death movie, one that would likely wrap up all the loose ends on the quirky detective series, and make it so fans can imagine some other fate for Jason Schwartzman's character besides eternally doing it with his half-sister. Vulture contacted HBO, who admitted that there had "been some conversations," but cautioned that it's "at a very early stage." (Which, of course, means it's time to start talking about it like it's happening for the foreseeable future, until finally we admit that it's not.)