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Teaser trailer for The Hangover Part II promises monkeys, face tattoos

Illustration for article titled Teaser trailer for emThe Hangover Part II /empromises monkeys, face tattoos

In case the built-in brand recognition of The Hangover—or those months of endless cameo rumors—somehow fails to entice audiences to spend more time with Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Helms doing pretty much what they did in 2009, only in Thailand instead of Vegas, this teaser trailer for The Hangover Part II opts for the “bludgeon you with critical acclaim approach” as its primary selling technique.


Set to Jay-Z’s “Reminder,” it’s filled with mostly static shots of trashed hotel rooms and creepy Thailand prisons, intercut with quotes of praise from the first film and a slow-motion shot of “The Wolfpack” (which, as you may or may not remember, Galifianakis’ character christened the group in the first film) walking the dusty streets of Bangkok. Also, Justin Bartha has been hideously transformed into a monkey. Or maybe that’s just a regular monkey.

Anyway, there’s not much else to be gleaned here, other than Helms’ character seems to have replaced his missing tooth with a gnarly, Mike Tyson-style face tattoo as this film’s chosen physical deformity, and Galifianakis has replaced his BabyBjörn with a silly hat as his signature wacky accessory. Also, those Roman numerals really class up the joint. We’ll surely see a lot more from this in the coming weeks, but for now you can check out these first fleeting glimpses.

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