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Team up: Gus Van Sant and Bret Easton Ellis working together

As pairings go, a collaboration between Gus Van Sant and Bret Easton Ellis doesn’t necessarily sound inevitable, but it still makes sense. Both have returned to the topics of addiction and doomed youth, after all. Variety has an item about an Ellis/Van Sant superteam. Seems the two have come together to adapt the Vanity Fair article “The Golden Suicides,” which recounts the tragic romance of artists Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan. The details:

"The couple descended into a paranoid spiral when the artists developed a consuming belief that government and religious organizations were conspiring against them. She killed herself in 2007. Blake found her body on the floor of their bedroom, and walked into the Atlantic Ocean a week later, ending his life."

Sounds a bit like Last Days by way of Ellis’ high-Manhattan milieu, no?


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