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Illustration for article titled Team behind iZero Dark Thirty/i developing 10-hour TV event about 2016 election

Even though some people are still hoping that the 2016 presidential election will get a surprise twist ending any day now (one involving a word that rhymes with “chimpreachment”), writer Mark Boal and producer Megan Ellison have announced that they’re developing an “eight to 10-hour” television event about it. That comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which helpfully notes that the election “ultimately came down to the face-off of candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton” and that it is “a very contentions topic in America” to this day.


Boal and Ellison both previously worked on Zero Dark Thirty, with THR adding that Ellison was “instrumental” in making that movie happen, so that should give you an idea of just how harrowing this “political drama” is going to be. Also, torture played a big role in that movie, and anyone who lived through the real 2016 election can tell you it was about as much fun as having your teeth pulled out by Jason Clarke, so this seems like a perfect match.

Still, maybe Boal and Ellison should wait a couple of days and just see what happens before they really plan out the whole narrative of this thing. Otherwise, it’s going to end on a real downer.

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