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Thanks to Baby DJ School—which, yes, is a real thing—bored and/or musically inclined infants can now learn to drop beats and mix things that aren’t spit and milk. The eight-week program takes place at a venue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (naturally) and is designed for babies age 3 and under who are really into vinyl.


The class is taught by Natalie Elizabeth Weiss, a DJ who’s worked with acts like LCD Soundsystem, Das Racist, and the especially baby-friendly Butthole Surfers. It focuses on teaching “little ones” how to play and handle records, mix and match beats, and create samples on their very own DJ equipment. While all this might seem a little dubious—because, you know, motor skills—Weiss insists that “through singing, movement, and interactive technology,” children can delve into “an exciting new musical landscape” that substitutes “a song about back beats” for “a song about black sheep.”

The class costs $200, but surely that’s a small price for parents to pay to be able to complain that Skrillex ain’t shit, because, hey, their baby could do that.

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