Good parenting is, at least in theory, about presenting children with good models for behavior. Thankfully, the Barnes & Noble website has an entire category devoted to biographies of rappers written specifically for educating kids. The subjects deemed worthy of study by the next generation range from Dr. Dre to Ludacris to noted kid-friendly role model Chris Brown.

For those looking to research exactly which biographies are worth putting in the nursery, many of the books include helpful descriptions, like this one from DMX: “After spending much of his youth in group homes, the chance that DMX would become a star in any field (except perhaps in the field of criminal activity) seemed remote. Against all odds, DMX found his way out of poverty and into success. But, as readers of DMX will learn, he has not always been able to leave behind his problems with the legal community.”


For more kid-friendly figures, there are multiple books on hanging with both then-Lil Bow Wow and then-Lil Romeo.