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TBS passes on that comedy from the Broken Lizard guys

In what is sure to be a bummer for four of the five dudes that make up Broken Lizard, Deadline reports that TBS has passed on Quality Time, a semi-autobiographical show starring Paul Soter, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, and Erik Stolhanske. A pilot for the comedy was ordered back in December, but apparently a first look at the crew in “a nontraditional fatherhood comedy about the constant push and pull between the dudes they used to be and the men they are attempting to be” was more than enough for TBS.

Quality Time was the first pilot ordered after Kevin Reilly took over as president of TNT and TBS. Noticeably absent throughout the whole process was fifth Broken Lizard member Jay “You know how fast you were goin’?” Chandrasekhar, who perhaps could have provided that extra 20 percent push needed to get the show on air. Alas, we’ll never know for sure. At least TBS isn’t preventing the others from continuing to live their “sophomoric ways in suspended animation” in real life.


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