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TBS orders two more seasons of American Dad

American Dad

According to Deadline, TBS has ordered two more seasons of American Dad, the Seth MacFarlane show that we choose not to review just to spite its fans. By our count, this will bring the show up to 14 full seasons, but it’s 15 if you count the three-episode 11th season that aired on Fox just before it made the move to TBS. That makes this all weirdly confusing, though, so we’re open to just pretending that the three-episode season was a dream and leaving it at that. Agreed?

Anyway, the show apparently does pretty well for TBS, thanks to the network’s on-demand/streaming options and its decision to keep repeating the new episodes on Adult Swim shortly after they premiere. With all of that plus the weirdos who watch TV live, American Dad pulls in an average of 4 million viewers per episode. So, no matter how hard Fox tries to kill the show, it seems like American Dad is going to stick around for a while. (Just not on The A.V. Club, where we’ve all conspired to pretend it doesn’t exist.)


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