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TBS orders pilot from some of the Broken Lizard guys

According to Deadline, TBS has ordered a pilot for Quality Time, a new comedy series created by and starring Paul Soter, Kevin Herffernan, Steve Lemme, and Erik Stolhanske—better known as four of the five guys that make up the Broken Lizard filmmaking team. The series is described as a semi-autobiographical “fatherhood comedy” about four guys who are struggling to transition from the “dudes they used to be” to “the men they are attempting to be.” We first reported on this show back in August, but with TBS officially ordering a pilot, it’s slightly closer to actually making it on TV now.

Notably absent from all of this is Broken Lizard’s Jay Chandrasekhar, who we theorized back in August would be joining the show as a director rather than a star, but it seems like that might not be the case. Deadline only mentions him in passing, and Quality Time doesn’t look like it’s officially branded as a Broken Lizard project, so he might not actually be involved at all. He has been directing a lot of TV show episodes lately—like Community, Marry Me, and New Girl—so maybe he’s just growing apart from his old pals. Maybe he’s more in touch with the man he’s attempting to be, while the other guys are still the dudes they used to be?


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