Bolstering a comedy pilot lineup that already includes a cop show starring Rashida Jones, a comedy set in a hair salon called Buzzy’s, and family sitcom Your Family Or Mine, TBS has ordered a new pilot called Wrecked. Written by newcomers Justin and Jordan Shipley, Wrecked is described as a cross between Lost and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Generally, this means that the show is about a couple of morally bankrupt individuals whose flight crash-lands on a deserted island. Specifically, it revolves around best friends Danny and Owen, real-world screw-ups who find second chances as the unlikely overlords of a new society.

The show also promises that Danny and Owen will be joined by an “extremely diverse” group of survivors, presumably a reference to the wide variation in their hat sizes and tastes in airplane reading material. It’s Always Sunny On This Godforsaken Island will follow the group as they learn to do without modern conveniences like social media and indoor plumbing, and start to focus on comically rich topics like heat stroke, dehydration, and avoiding comparisons to Gilligan’s Island.