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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled TBS leaves iMen At Work/i on in the background for another season

Having wandered away to freshen up its drink, only to end up staring out the kitchen window, not thinking about much in particular, TBS has officially left freshman sitcom Men At Work on for a second season, where it will continue to air in the background while the network is waiting for Big Bang Theory reruns. The show—which is about "guys who have a magazine or something and sometimes it has a sorta hot girl, plus that dude from That '70s Show is on it. No, not that one," according to a network description delivered indifferently in between long, slow slips of domestic beer—has pulled in an average of 2.7 million viewers, many of whom are even aware that it's on and that there's probably no point in changing the channel now. That makes Men At Work another summer hit for its creator, Franklin And Bash star Breckin Meyer, who responded to the renewal by looking at the enervating sun, tenting his fingers, and whispering, "Yes, my pretty."


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