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TBS has canceled Men At Work, putting more men out of work

Adding to the ever-growing number of men who are no longer at work—thanks to America’s modern, misandrist society, in which males are no longer valued as breadwinners or given the respect warranted by their gender, all of which can be blamed on someone other than themselves—TBS has cancelled its Breckin Meyer-created comedy Men At Work.

This news comes via Deadline, which reports that the show’s current third season will be its last. Men At Work, of course, stars That 70s Show’s Danny Masterson as a hip young person who works at a magazine with his wacky friends. It is not, as the name may suggest, a dramatization of the story behind a beloved Australian rock band and the land they come from. It is also not a Hannibal-style adaptation of the 1990 Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez movie Men At Work, as much as we all would’ve enjoyed that.


TBS’ decision to end Men At Work (not the band or the movie) comes in the wake of the network picking up a handful of new comedy shows, including Rashida Jones’ Angie Tribeca and Buzzy’s, from the creators of Will & Grace. They’ll join whatever else TBS airs in between episodes of Conan and Big Bang Theory repeats.

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