Completing its rise from promising cadet at the TV police academy (not to be confused with either TV version of Police Academy) to eager rookie on the TV squad (not to be confused with the defunct TV Squad blog), TBS has ordered the Rashida Jones-starring, Steve-and-Nancy-Carell-created sitcom Angie Tribeca to series. The show received its assignment today alongside two other new comedy recruits, Buzzy’s and Your Family Or Mine, which will be tasked with patrolling the mean streets that run between Big Bang Theory repeats.

Yes, these spaces that Seth MacFarlane reruns abandoned for sunnier places in the syndicated suburbs—where multi-episode blocks are more affordable and safer—will soon be served and protected in part by the latest from Will & Grace’s David Kohan and Max Mutchnick. The Buzzy’s creators have something to prove after its Partners flipped out and gunned down CBS’ Monday-night lineup, and they plan to do so with 10 episodes of Ashley Tisdale, George Wendt, and Lauren Lapkus working at a hair salon—the last actor in that list having recently transferred from Litchfield Penitentiary. Your Family Or Mine defies increasingly tired cop-show clichés, just as it defies standard sitcom structure, ostensibly centering on newlyweds Kyle Howard and Kat Foster but alternating focus on their respective families from week to week. So it could be good in-laws one week, bad in-laws the next, a novel concept that the chief might find unorthodox—but dammit, it gets results!


All right, that’s it, let’s roll. Hey: Let’s be TBS Very Funny out there.