Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

With the wheat now separated from the chaff (and Jeb Bush), the 2016 presidential race is narrowing its focus to a blowhard, a curmudgeon, a (possible) replicant, and a woman. But as things are likely to just get weirder from here on out, TBS is calling for reinforcements: Deadline reports the cable network has just extended the debut season of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee through the end of 2016, which will just about cover the presidential race, barring some kind of Veep incident.

Bee’s late-night talk show originally received a 13-episode order, but TBS has just added 26 episodes to the show’s run. The satirical weekly news show has resonated with viewers, and while its clips haven’t reached Lip Sync Battle-levels of viralness, they’ve still garnered millions of views. Brett Weitz, executive vice president of original programming for TBS, told Deadline that the Full Frontal host “has positioned herself as an essential voice in late night, and it’s pretty clear she’s struck a nerve and filled a void.” In response to the extension, Bee has asked the candidates and country to show remain consistent in their erratic ways: “Stay crazy America, I’ll be here all year!”