According to Entertainment Weekly, TBS has canceled My Boys, the Jordana Spiro-starring sitcom about a female sports columnist hanging out with her platonic guy pals and making frequent overt references to their Chicago surroundings. The show lost a major player this year when comedian Jim Gaffigan left, but admirably retained the same likeably low-key charm that earned it a loyal (if not exactly fervent) following—although its decline in ratings was apparently significant enough that the network felt it was not worth renewing. Its fourth season wrapped this past Sunday with a finale that was made to double as a series finale should things go this way. As the EW article mentions, Spiro and co-star Kyle Howard were already predicting the end, making plans to take roles on NBC’s Love Bites and Perfect Couples, respectively, but were forced to exit due to the demands of their TBS contracts. It remains to be seen whether this news comes too late for them to reclaim those lost jobs.