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TBS cancels Ground Floor, thus ending all its current original comedies

Likely eliciting howls of protest from cast members’ families, TBS has canceled Ground Floor, the multi-cam sitcom that starred Skylar Astin and Briga Heelan. Deadline reports that the show’s second season, which aired its last episode on February 10, will be its last. It seems the show couldn’t quite build on an exciting word-of-mouth campaign featuring numerous ads that made viewers squint and say, “Why is the dude from Pitch Perfect on a rerun of a CBS sitcom from the ’80s?”

Those concerned for the shows’ stars need not fear, however, as Astin is already in final negotations to star in ABC’s new NBA comedy. This marks a salting of the Earth for all of TBS’s original comedies: Sullivan & Son and Men At Work have both been canceled, and even ABC transplant Cougar Town is wrapping up its final season. (Meanwhile, a bruised and bandaged American Dad rises from the rubble, wipes the blood from its broadsword, and smiles grimly.) The channel has announced a makeover geared towards a “bold sensibility and a network that’s more digital and more socially driven,”all excellent buzzwords for TBS to use, as they perfectly embody the kind of bold youth-oriented sensibility that proclaims, “We’ve been told to check out Facebook more, or something.”


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