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TBS buys another comedy show produced by Conan O'Brien

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Deadline reports that TBS has ordered a sitcom pilot from Conaco, Conan O’Brien’s production company, thus combining two of the only three things TBS cares about: multi-camera comedies and Conan O’Brien. (The third thing is Tyler Perry, and it’s too early to rule out his involvement.) Characterized as a “post-recession comedy”—because only through the astringent power of widespread unemployment have we learned how to truly laugh—the show will tell the story of a “charismatic twenty-something” who buys a small-town brewery in an effort to reinvigorate said small town. It’s like Sullivan & Son, except with a brewery instead of a bar. The pilot was written by Josh Heald, whose past credits include Hot Tub Time Machine. Heald has been working on this project with Conaco for some time; in an earlier incarnation, it was called Most Likely.


O’Brien has deepened his relationship with TBS this year, with Conaco producing a short run of Deon Cole’s Black Box and an upcoming late-night series, The Pete Holmes Show. But O’Brien has had a hard time finding success in primetime TV production, with short-lived series like the underrated Andy Barker, P.I. and the impossible-to-underrate Outlaw on Conaco’s résumé. The Rebel Wilson vehicle Super Fun Night, which premieres on ABC next week, might break that losing streak. Or perhaps it will be left to this latest venture, Untitled Bro Comedy, to conquer the television world with its demographically calculated charms. If all else fails, O’Brien could give Lookwell! another shot. Adam West is available.

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