Proving that sharing is just as cool as rock music or rebellion, Fox announced this week that MTV and TBS will be sharing the cable syndication rights to the network’s hit comedy New Girl. It’s not clear whether MTV’s last shred of cultural identity was included in the price, or was an added bonus.

According to Deadline, the deal is primed to exploit the two cable networks’ very different target demographics: 12- to 34-year-olds for MTV, and 18- to 49-year-olds for TBS. MTV will be using New Girl to supplement its scripted fare like Awkward, while TBS will presumably set the show adrift on the vast sea of Big Bang Theory reruns that makes up the majority of its programming schedule. The syndication deal will go into effect in the fall of 2015.


So far, New Girl has aired 72 episodes of adorkability, awkward romances, and heart-penises, with a 22-episode fourth season set to begin in September.