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Taylor Swift welcomes both Beck and St. Vincent to her stage

(Photo: Getty Images)

Much has been said about the never-ending parade of guest stars on Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour, from snide comments about how “thirsty” those celebrities are to The A.V. Club’s very own musings on how boss it was that she brought out Alanis Morissette to sing “You Oughta Know.” Last night, though, Swift went full indie superstar, please-welcoming both Beck and St. Vincent to the stage for a performance of the former’s “Dreams.” The track wasn’t as spot-on as the version of “Goodbye Earl” Swift performed earlier this week with Natalie Maines or the glitzy take on “All Of Me” she hammered out last night with John Legend. Still, it’s Beck, Taylor Swift, and St. Vincent, and that’s pretty cool.


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