As we reported yesterday, Taylor Swift did not much care for Apple Music’s decision to not pay artists and songwriters any royalties during its three-month free trial period. Standing in for the great battlefields of the past were Tumblr (playing the role of the Alamo) and Twitter (portraying the beach at Normandy): Swift took to the former to argue (rightfully, and in defense of indie artists) that withholding these payments was, to paraphrase, kind of bullshit. Over on Twitter, Apple’s senior vice president of internet software and services Eddy Cue quickly and decisively decided to not be shitty, making everyone immediately forget that the shitty decision was made in the first place. Taylor has yet to respond publicly to Cue’s complete submission, though it’s easier to imagine her writing a song about it, considering how easy it is to rhyme things with Cue. (“You suck poo” could give way, at the end of the song, to “I love you.” Call me, Tay, I got more.)