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Taylor Swift possibly made a fake cover band to get her own song on Killing Eve, might be a diabolical genius

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In a series of convoluted maneuvers that would make J.J. Abrams envious, it seems that Taylor Swift has Mystery Box’d her career to the point where it necessitates a thorough analysis from Buzzfeed—complete with Tumblr screenshots and reaction GIFs, of course. While the (extremely very likely) theory has yet to be officially confirmed (and, for legal reasons, probably won’t be for quite some time), it sure as hell looks like Taylor Swift is, at the very least, a diabolical genius. Even if you aren’t a Swiftie, you must admire and respect the game (allegedly) on display.

The TL;DR of it all: Taylor Swift and her brother, Austin, created a fake cover band called Jack Leopard & The Dolphin Club, and recorded a cover of Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” with Austin on lead vocals. That cover was then used over the credits in this week’s episode of Killing Eve.

If you want to get into the why and how of it all, that’s when things get a bit convoluted but ultimately rewarding. As extensively reported, Swift’s former record label, Big Machine, owns all the masters of her old songs, which she won’t be able to re-record until later this year (which she plans on doing). In the meantime, both Swift and Big Machine have to approve of any use of her earlier music in film, television, and advertising. Swift has rejected every request because the profits associated with licensing her older songs would go to Big Machine—not Swift.


BUT if another band—like, say, Jack Leopard & The Dolphin Club—were to cover one of Swift’s songs, that band could easily offer the rights to use that song in film, TV, et al. The end result being that Swift gets to put her song on a TV show she likes without allowing her old label to reap the benefits. And that is (allegedly) exactly what she did because Taylor Swift loves Killing Eve producer Phoebe Waller-Bridge and wanted to get one of her songs on the show. Anyway, what are YOU doing with your quarantine?

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