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Taylor Swift maybe announces Clinton support through Byzantine code

Photo: Gary Miller/Getty Images

Among the more minor controversies of this crazy election cycle has been the media consternation over Taylor Swift’s decision not to endorse a candidate. The ostensibly feminist pop songstress remained quiet on the whole “first woman president” thing, even as her friends (Lena Dunham) and enemies (Katy Perry) came out in favor of Hillary Clinton. Was Swift a Trump fan? Probably not—but then, who knows for sure? Was she simply trying not to alienate any of her devotees by making her political opinions known?

That speculation only grew today as Swift mentioned on her social media accounts that she was headed to the polls, encouraging others to do the same:


But get out and vote for whom? Swift didn’t say… or did she? Rather than employ a tactic as obvious as a hashtag or wearing white as a nod to suffragettes, there’s a chance this expert media manipulator may have broadcast her vote in the same way she reveals which specific heartbreaks her songs are referencing. The Verge’s Kaitlyn Tiffany tweeted out her theory that Swift declared she was #withher using her top.

Say what now? Well, it seems that not long ago, Swift’s pal Dunham posted the following to Instagram—a tribute to Clinton in the form of a shared, shoulder-less garment.


So it’s possible Swift was baring her own shoulders as a nod to her own political choice. Or maybe she just likes that sweater. Anyway, whatever Swift’s affiliations, thinking way too deeply about this stuff is a pretty good distraction right now.

[via Racked]


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