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Taylor Swift kissed Tom Hiddleston, now check out these weird rocks

(Photos: Getty Images, Monica Schipper/Getty Images, Mike Coppola

Taylor Swift has a long list of ex-lovers, with the most recent addition being Calvin Harris, a guy who is probably best known for dating Taylor Swift. You can’t stop Taylor Swift from Taylor Swifting, though, so it’s not especially surprising that she was recently spotted canoodling with another handsome beau she can someday write a smash-hit song about, but what is surprising is that this famous beau was none other than Tom Hiddleston, the internet’s boyfriend.


The Sun got a bunch of photos of the two of them doing totes adorbs stuff like holding hands, snapping selfies, and making out, and there’s even a shot of them both looking positively shocked when they realize that a photographer they absolutely did not tip off is taking pictures of them.

Really, though, the cutest part of all of this is…wait, what’s going on with those rocks behind them in the last picture? It’s like a little pile. Did they do that? Why would they do that? Is it just a natural formation that happens to look bizarre? Is there a reason Swift and Hiddleston (couple name: Hiddleswift or Twiddleston) are taking photos of themselves and not those rocks? Why aren’t they freaking out? They should be freaking out, right? We should all be freaking out!

Thankfully, some Twitter users have picked up on this mysterious symbol, and they’re asking the questions that Hiddleston and Swift are too afraid to:


These rocks could point toward any number of nefarious conspiracies, from the Illuminati to alien invaders, but all we know for sure is that something truly terrifying is happening here. This goes beyond normal people and it goes beyond celebrity couples. This is some kind of existential threat that could change the very fabric of our reality. Centuries from now, mankind’s few surviving scientists will huddle together in their bunkers and ask why nobody thought to ask Taylor Swift about those rocks, or why nobody bothered to kick them over and see what unspeakable nightmare was buried underneath. By then, though, it will be too late…for all of us.

Anyway, Tay-Tay and Loki are dating! So cute!


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