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Taylor Lautner's path to stardom now includes a parkour movie obstacle

Twilight Saga producers Mary Bowen and Wyck Godfrey continue to dream up new ways in which they can look at Taylor Lautner while also justifying their belief that he deserves to be a star, first dreaming up a retelling of David and Goliath with Lautner in the David role, and now signing Lautner to the only slightly less ancient tale of a young hotshot taking on an organized crime gang. Adding to the rich sense of history, the plot—entitled Tracers, in reference to how it was drawn—also revolves around the extreme sport of parkour that 2004 can't stop talking about: Lautner will play a "whiz" of a bike messenger in debt to some of New York's many organized criminals whose life changes after he crashes into a "sexy stranger," who introduces him to the exciting world of parkour that he's missed out on because he hasn't used the Internet in the past decade. Anyway, while the film seems like the usual mishmash of standard-issue action thriller contrivances—or a downgraded version of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's own upcoming bike messenger movie—awkwardly grafted onto a sports fad, the melding of Taylor Lautner with parkour is, of course, inspired, considering both are things involving solid surfaces that enjoyed peak popularity years ago.


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