Taylor Lautner’s bid for the leading-man status presaged by his Stanislavski-trained pectorals has so far been stymied by his less-expressive face, as the poorly received Abduction suggested the Twilight star’s entire range consisted of “petulant” and “lobotomized.” So Lautner will attempt to demonstrate that he is capable of at least one more recognizably human emotion by starring in the sequel to Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups—a “fun” role that The Hollywood Reporter says will find him going “toe-to-toe” with Sandler, thereby demonstrating that he can also do incredibly simplistic comedy. There are no specific details as yet on Lautner’s character, or what sort of contrivances are being added to the script to ensure that he spends the maximum amount of time without a shirt. But THR rightly notes that it’s probably a smart move for Lautner to associate himself with another franchise that will be a hit in no direct correlation to his own contributions, before he chocolate-wastes another year betraying all that chocolate-wasted potential.