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Like it or not, Taylor Kitsch is going to be starring in something come 2015. Amid rumors that Kitsch is up for a role in the upcoming season of True Detective, come…. well, more rumors, though this time about the upcoming remake of The Raid (or The Raid: Redemption, as it is called by absolutely no one except its U.S. distributor), which will be directed by The Expendables 3’s Patrick Hughes.


The Wrap is reporting that Kitsch has been offered the Iko Uwais role in this presumably less gritty, big-budget re-imagining of a low-budget movie whose appeal lay in the fact that its stars were able to do their own stunts. Conveniently, production is set to start in January of next year, which would permit Kitsch to star in True Detective (which shoots later this year) if that pans out, but definitely wouldn’t give him enough time to learn how to move like some kind of goddamn unkillable lunging, throwing, and punching machine.

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