For too long, the major entertainment awards have suffered under the tyranny of elitists who get to hand out awards for no reason at all, apart from being carefully selected for their expertise and decades of experience in the field being recognized. But no more will award-handing-out be the exclusive province of people who are considered qualified to recognize excellence. This year will see the first annual Tatiana Maslany Clone Club Award (assuming the Indiegogo money comes through). While it's not our place to speculate, word on the street is that Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany is a virtual lock to win the award named after her, which was created solely for the sake of giving her an award.

But this award doesn't come from some snobby panels of snobs, snobbing it up in their ivory snob tower. It comes from one single, determined woman, Sarah Evans, who's outraged that Maslany's multiple roles on Orphan Black were snubbed by the Emmys, and that she lost the Golden Globe to House Of Cards' Robin Wright. Evans started an Indiegogo page to raise money to create a custom award to be given solely to Maslany‚ÄĒor anyone who donates over $500, who will then also get a replica. This award will say that Maslany's work has been recognized by fans, elitist cultural gatekeepers be damned, or that they donated a lot of money so someone could 3-D print a fake award.

The Indiegogo deadline for the Maslany Award is March 14; as of press time, it's raised $736 of its $2000 goal. While Evans is trying to spread news of the award far and wide in an effort to raise funds, she also wants to keep the award a surprise for Maslany herself, so let's hope the entire Internet is good at keeping a secret.