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Screenshot: YouTube

Game Of Thrones charmed Comic Con with its annual blooper reel, but this offering from Orphan Black may be even better. That’s because it features Tatiana Maslany, dressed as Cosima, starting to speak about Cosima only to realize, “Oh fff—I’m Cosima.” That’s the sort of mistake that can only happen on a show where the lead actor plays 11 different characters. And this blooper reel shows off just how insane the Orphan Black set is, as Maslany fumbles her line as Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Helena, Rachel, and Krystal.

The video also shines a light on the unique relationship between Maslany and Kristian Bruun, who plays Alison’s husband Donnie. As Bruun told Hello! magazine:

Well Tat and I both have a strong improv background and we are very lucky that our writers, producers and directors like it when we riff a little bit. I’m always ready to roll with whatever punch Tat throws my way and that’s kind of what makes the job really exciting and keeps you on your toes.


And it’s fun to see how their improv changes depending on which version of Maslany Brunn is acting with—from Helena’s demented smile to Alison’s impromptu West Side Story performance.

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