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Tatiana Maslany joins Matthew Rhys for HBO's hot Perry Mason series

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First there was the Hot Young Pope. Then came Hot Archie. Now, from the network that brought you the aforementioned Hot Young Pope comes Hot Perry Mason, starring Matthew Rhys (aka Hot Russian Spy Husband) as the classic defense attorney. According to Deadline, Tatiana Maslany will join Rhys for some steamy courtroom action in HBO’s Perry Mason. The Orphan Black star has signed on for a lead role in the series, which is set in 1932 and follows Mason as he investigates “the case of the decade” amidst a country recovering from the Great Depression and turning to oil. That case has something to do with a kidnapped child, which is admittedly not very hot.

Maslany will play a character named Sister Alice, an evangelical preacher who delivers numerous sermons in person and via radio to the devout congregation of the Radiant Assembly Of God. Maslany’s character is described as “Entertainer, politician, God’s conduit to the City of Angels, Sister Alice wields great power when she speaks, and plans to use it in ways only she can know.” That’s sure to throw a few, uh, kinks in Hot Perry Mason’s investigation. The series comes from Rolin Jones and Ron Fitzgerald, who will serve as executive producers, writers, and showrunners, with Robert Downey Jr.’s Team Downey also producing.

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