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Taste the pleasures of the Hellraiser VHS that’s haunting London commuters

The actual act of riding the bus isn’t the only thing blurring pain and pleasure for commuters on London’s Old Kent Road, and they have Hellraiser to thank. A VHS copy of Clive Barker’s ode to sadomasochism and chains with hooks on them has been appearing atop the bus stop there since at least 2011, when people first started noticing—and tweeting about—the infernal tape.


Since then, the tape has disappeared, been replaced by a fresh copy, been briefly accompanied by a second Hellraiser VHS, disappeared, and reappeared again. Now a copycat VHS has been spotted at another bus stop, fueling speculation on Twitter that the tape is all part of a sinister ritual to open the gates of Hell and tear London’s collective soul apart. Via VHS tapes. (The guy who fell off his bike in front of the Old Kent stop, for one, is a believer.) The explorers in the further reaches of experience who are behind the tape remain anonymous, but Google Street View has such sights to show you, if you’re curious.

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