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Target selling the American Horror Story "Rubber Man" costume—you know, for Halloween

Illustration for article titled Target selling the emAmerican Horror Story/em Rubber Man costume—you know, for Halloween

This season's hottest Halloween costume, literally, will no doubt be the infamous "Rubber Man" from American Horror Story. And naturally, there's only one place to get it: Target, the superstore dedicated to meeting all of your seasonal S&M rape gear and pretty decent alarm clock needs. Unfortunately, this officially licensed bondage suit that is perfectly fine to wear outside your house on exactly one night of the year and perhaps not even then is only sold through Target's website, so you'll just have to take the word of its sole guest reviewer. Fortunately, he can attest to its breathability and capacity for surprising your loved ones in bed, even if he laments its lack of " loops and hooks for attachments." Again, this is a Halloween costume. For Halloween.  [via Vulture]

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