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Tara Reid will return for Sharknado 3, obviously

Illustration for article titled Tara Reid will return for iSharknado 3/i, obviously

Just as you can’t have spring without sunshine, or a tornado without sharks, it just wouldn’t be a Sharknado movie without Tara Reid acting up a fish-storm all across the screen. So it’s good news for everybody that Reid, along with co-star Ian Ziering, has agreed to return for the third installment in Syfy’s comedy disaster series, set to debut this July. Last year’s Sharknado 2 was the network’s most-watched original movie ever, so clearly nobody wants to tamper with a winning formula of putting a whirling cacophony of chaos and destruction onscreen, and then watching as she runs away from airborne sharks.


As we all know, Sharknado 2 saw Reid’s character, Sharknado survival guide author April Wexler, lose her hand to the jaws of an airborne murder fish, only to replace it with a circular saw in Evil Dead fashion. We can only hope that Reid, director Anthony C. Ferrante, and immaculately named Sharknado scribe Thunder Levin will spend the franchise’s third installment steering into the actress’ gradual transformation into Bruce Campbell. Because while we’re not saying watching Tara Reid beating the crap out of some CGI sharks with a robot hand, all while yelling about her boomstick, would cure all of society’s ills, we’re also not saying it wouldn’t.

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