The Internet just keeps on giving, doesn't it? In a move that will clearly revolutionize cinema, the Tara Reid thriller Incubus is set to spook out tens or even dozens of people as it premieres today on the teen-centered website AOL Red. (It's like Coke Blak, but not liquid and with pop-up ads.) And sorry, the film has no relation to the other Incubus, so it's therefore not the most gloriously misconceived idea in modern history; the other downside is that you have to pay for it, either by buying it outright for $7.99 or renting it for five days at low, low (but alas, still not low enough) price of $3.49.

According the press release, which has been posted over at Movie City News, Reid stars as one of six teens—perfect casting for a haggard 31-year-old with a boob job—on the run from a crazed killer with the power to control their dreams. The trailer and other promotional materials, including an interview with Reid, can be found on the movie's official site. Act now, however, because it will only be available for 30 scarifying days.