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Tan France, bless his heart, makes over Pete Davidson on the new Dressing Funny

Tan France had his work cut out for him on the latest episode of Dressing Funny, which found the Queer Eye luminary making over Pete Davidson. France worked on Mulaney earlier in the series, which was as entertaining as you’d imagine, and also styled Ali Wong and Rachel Dratch. Now, he’s trying to scrub the no-condom-using, suit-jacket-as-a-napkin-substituting, incest-joking Davidson for the benefit of us all.


Regardless, the Mulaney turtleneck might be the next best thing after the French Tuck, and actually looks pretty decent on Davidson. He even receives France’s 5-star rating of “fuckable. And, though he’s getting “Plan B vibes” from the fancy hotel room—whatever that means—the Danny Zuko/Tan/Antoni outfit at the end was also another win for the pair.

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